Our vision and values are at the centre of everything we do to help Canadians who suffer from spinal problems. We believe in:

Fast, effective diagnosis that reduces wait times and provides the best back care for Canadians.
The CSS believes that a significant opportunity for improvement in back treatment exists at the level of triage. Most patients on spine surgery wait lists actually do not need to see a spine surgeon. Incorrect assessment further delays Canadians from beginning their appropriate non-surgical treatment and unnecessarily prolongs the wait time for patients who do require spine surgery.

Continued recruitment of the best spine specialists in the world to maintain Canada’s leading position in our field.
The recruitment of additional spine surgeons in Canada will help reduce surgical wait times. An increased number of spine specialists will also foster improved research, better education for family physicians and improved patient care.

An independent research establishment to analyze and promote effective treatment options.
All research conducted by the CSS is free of bias favouring industry or special interest groups. We promote an evidence-based approach to surgery and medical procedures. The Canadian Spine Society is dedicated to ensuring that the recommendations Canadians receive are the best treatment solutions in accordance with the latest scientific evidence.

Meaningful, knowledge-building collaboration among back care professionals and stakeholder groups.
The CSS serves as the umbrella organization for the leading spine-related organizations in Canada. We work to maintain strong partnerships with groups such as the Rick Hansen Institute, Back Care Canada and major Canadian universities.

These partnerships allow the CSS to build consensus among stakeholder groups through increased opportunities for collaboration, inter-organizational communication and programs that encourage continuous improvement among all spine care professionals.