Peter Jarzem

Peter Jarzem President 2015-2017

As newly elected President of the Canadian Spine Society (CSS) it is my pleasure to welcome you to the Canadian Spine Society website.  The CSS is a national collaboration of orthopedic spine surgeons and neurosurgeons who share a common interest in ensuring excellence in spine care, educations and research to the benefit of both patients and professionals across Canada.  This website is designed for both professionals and patients who are looking for information about the Society and about treatment for spine problems.

The Canadian Spine Society was founded in 2000 through the joint efforts of both neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons with a passion for spine surgery.  The first Annual Scientific Conference was held in 2001 and over the years this organization has grown to include paediatric spine surgeons and non-surgical practitioners.  It has taken a role in spine care advocacy efforts, spine education, both surgical and non-surgical, and has developed the components for a national curriculum to improve the training of Canadian spine surgeons.  It assisted in the creation of a charitable foundation, the Canadian Spine Research and Education Fund, to help support researchers and educators across the country.  It has constructed an unparalleled national research platform, the Canadian Spine Outcomes and Research Network, with the potential to become one of the largest spine research platforms in the world.  The Canadian Spine Society is aggressively pursuing its mandates in spine care, advocacy, research and education.  We have achieved a great deal and we understand the magnitude of the work yet to be done.

The CSS website is intended to support our members and promote the goals of our Society. We have addressed our objective of patient education by linking this site, through the Patient Resources tab, to BackCareCanada.  This patient-entered website created and maintained by CSS members, offers information about common back problems and advice about scientifically proven spine care options. It contains typical patient stories and a list of frequently asked questions.  There are links to other sources of information, all approved by our membership and with a definite Canadian flavour.

As an organization established by spine surgeons we know that most back problems should be treated without surgery.  Patients and practitioners need to understand that simple self-help measures and timely referral to the appropriate non-surgical spine care specialist can resolve nearly all the common complaints.  They need to understand the true nature of back surgery, its role and its limitations.   The Canadian Spine Society and this website are attempts to meet those needs.

Peter Jarzem BEng,MD, FRCSC
President of the Canadian Spine Society


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