Donor Recognition – Canadian Spine Research & Education Fund Donors

The CSREF is pleased to acknowledge and thank all of the people who have made contributions. THANK YOU!

The following list is as at February 1st, 2017


$400,001 to $550,000

DePuy Synthes Canada

Medtronic of Canada Ltd

$25,001 to $50,000

Dr. Edward P. Abraham
Ross Cochran

Dr. Hamilton Hall & Dr. Susan Grant-Hall

Stryker Canada

Dr. Charles Fisher
Dr. Peter Jarzem

Scott Paquette

$5,001 to $10,000

Dr. Chris Bailey
Dr. Robert Broad
Dr. Sean Christie

Mr. John Gidden
Dr. Neil Manson
Dr. Albert Yee


Dr. Najmedden Attabib
Dr. Alan Beggs
Donald & Susan Bond
Dr. Jacques Bouchard
John Boychuck
Jack & Nancy Buchan
Dr. Jean-Francois Chevalier
Dr. Don Chow
Dr. Nicolas Dea
Dr. Alexandre Denault
Dr. Iain Dommisse
EOS Imaging Inc
Dr. Charbel Fawaz
Dr. Joel Finkelstein

Dr. Michael Ford
Dr. Daryl Fourney
Dr. Richard & Mrs. Roxanne Fox
Dr. Andrew Glennie
Dr. Thomas Guy Hogan
Dr. R. John Hurlbert
Dr. Bradley Jacobs
Dr. Michael Johnson
Joint Solutions Alliance Corp
Dr. Michel V. Lavoie
Dr. Barry Malcolm
Dr. Eric Massicotte
Dr. David Mercier
Dr. Andrew Nataraj

Dr. Jerome Paquet
Dr. David Parsons
Dr. Philippe Phan
Dr. Y. Raja Rampersaud
Dr. Jean-Francois Roy
Dr. Jan Splawinski
Dr. John Street
Dr. Ken Thomas
Garnett Urquhart
Dr. Eugene Wai
Dr. Zhi Wang
Dr. Daniel Warren
Dr. Allan Woo
Jerry & Tricia Zdeb

Up to $1000

Abraham Consulting and Associates
Ken Abraham
Cam & Betty Armstrong
Lee & Linda Attard
Christy Baker
Dr. Drew Bednar
Julie Benzaquen
Joanne Bishop
Blue Cross Life Insurance Co. of Canada
Simon Booker
F. Bouma
Allison Bran
Muriel Brooks
Julia Buffam
Dr. Joseph Buwembo
Joan Cain
Allison Calder
Bev Calder
Bruce & Betty Carnrite
CBI Health Centre – Saint John
C. Maxine Charlton
Christo Christodoulou
Robert Cole
Diane Corns
Tammie Corrigan
Cecil Cummings
Dr. Cory Cundal
Dr. John Cunningham
Melanie Davis
Terri Dawe
Dr. Phillip de Muelenaere
Heather Dempsey
Jeffrey & Vera Devins
Dr. Rick Dewar
Elizabeth DiSabato
Norm & Della Dowdell
Dr. Marcel Dvorak
Jennifer Edwards
Tom & Carol Egan
Cathy Egan
Dr. Ron El-Hawary
Dr. Hendrik Engelbrecht
Gudrun Eves
The Farrell Family
Dr. Michael Fehlings
Joanne Finnegan
First Ontario Credit Union
Susanne Fitzpatrick
Peter & Lorraine Fournier
Patricia Francis
Betty Gaiters
Dr. Nicholas Gelinas-Phaneuf
Guy Gibouleau
Dr. Howard Ginsberg
Pat & Carolyn Goguen
Dr. Christina Goldstein
Frank Gonano
Steve Graham
Bill Hamilton
David Hamilton
Helena Hanna
Mitchell Hansen
Al Hearty
Douglas Hedden

Sandra Hellewell
Julie Hennessey
William Hilchey
Dr. Bruce Hodgson
David Hoffman
Cyril & Nellie Holmes
Dennis Hoy
Lerry Hubbs
Carl & Irene Hurley
IAG Solutions
Carol James
Doug James
Dr. Alain Jodoin
Dr. Adrienne Kelly
John Keon
Dr. Stephen Kingwell
Bonnie Knight
Dr. Judith Knowles
Cameron Kochorek
Dr. Frank Kortbeek
Dr. Brian Kwon
Monte Lamka
Dr. Bernard LaRue
J. N. LeBlanc
Dr. Stephen Lewis
Peter Lewkonia
Alex Ljubojevic
Leslie Love
Andrea Lowney
Mathieu Maassen
Edward Mackie
G.A. Malcolmson
Leighanne Malcolmson-Matecki
Manion Wilkins & Associates Ltd
Stephen & Lana March
James Markey
Alison McConnell
Mr. Greg McIntosh
Raymond McIvor
Dan McLean
W. McNaughton
Bruce McTavish
Maria Medley
Stan Merrithew
W A Derry Millar
Sandrine Moirez
Mary Moore
Dr. Paul Moroz
Dr. Heather Morrison
Sean Murphy
Claudia Muzzi
Dr. Anita Narwal
Sheila Newlands
Nena Nicolls
James Noble
Julia L. Olivier
Chris Organ
Paula Pace
Dr. Stefan Parent
Irma Parker
David Parker
Parkland School Division No. 70 Grade 6
Bob & Lisa Peskett

Gaye Peters
Christina Pinelli
Terry Poale
Wai Pong
Ken & Esther Reesor
Ruth Ridgway
Ethel Roach
Merv Roberts
Kenneth & Jane Rowe
Dr. Khaled Salem
Bailey Salmon
Dr. Paul Salo
Dr. Rajeet Saluja
Janet Saunders
Marie Schweitzer
Chad Shaw
Linda Sodaro
Faye M. Somers
Southlands Community Church Youth Group
Dr. Michael Spiess
St. Michael’s High School
Linda Stafford
Gerald Stevens
Dr. Peter Stevenson
Patti Sullivan
Dr. Ganesh Swamy
C. Taggart
Bud & Norma Thomas
Paul & Irma Tinus
Art & Pauline Tremblay
Kelly Trott
Ultramed Inc
Dr. Hanneke van West
Vertebral Technologies Inc
Henry & Barbara Volp
Dr. Dal Wahl
Don Watts
Dr. Brian and Mrs. Anne Wheelock
Norma Wheller
Dr. Owen Williamson
Raine Wilson
Deborah Wright
Juan Jose Zamorano
Lucia Zdeb
Dr. Reinhard Zeller

Special Donations: In Memory Of
Donna Biggings
David Crain
David Fretz
Jack Rodwin Harvey
Joan Molesworth
Donald George Stewart
Giovanni Taormina
Alan Vaillancourt
Matt Wozenilek
Todd Zdeb

Special Donations: In Honour Of
Dr. Edward P. Abraham
Dr. Drew Bednar
Dr. Charles Fisher
Dr. Y. Raja Rampersaud

As you know, the Canadian Spine Society, in conjunction with the Rick Hansen Institute, is reconstructing the National Spine Registry, which has come to be know as the Canadian Spine Outcomes and Research Network – CSORN. This is an immense task and one that will require significant monetary resources. The Canadian Spine Research & Education Fund has accepted the essential role of funding this project. To honour this commitment we require help from those most intimately involved with the provision of spinal treatment.

Please plan to make a personal annual donation and consider canvassing your patients and colleagues to join your charitable efforts. Promotional materials (patient solicitation letters, brochures, etc) are available through the CSREF office; contact us today.