The Lifetime Achievement Award is presented by the Canadian Spine Society (CSS).  The Lifetime Achievement Award is given to a Canadian, either practicing, retired or posthumous, who has significantly contributed to the advancement of spine care and has best exemplified the mission statement of the CSS. This award will not be presented annually but rather only when considered appropriate based on the quality of a submitted application(s). A maximum of one award in any given year will be made. If an application is successful, a presentation will be made to the Award winner at the annual CSS Scientific Conference; the Award recipient will have the opportunity to address the membership. Award recipients will have their names, pictures and biographies posted on the Awards page of the CSS website. 

Award Committee
The Lifetime Achievement Award Committee is responsible for all Award decisions. The Award Committee is comprised of 5 people from the current Executive Committee’s Members at Large section. The Committee should include at least one orthopaedic surgeon and one neurosurgeon member. If a Committee member is nominated for the Award, that person will be excused from the decision process. Committee members are permitted to nominate and/or second an Award application and be involved in the decision process.

Call for Nominations
Only CSS members in good standing can nominate someone for the Award. Nominations must include a seconder, who does not have to be CSS member. A Seconder must be from an institution outside of the location of the Nominator. Nominations for deceased surgeons will be accepted. If a Candidate dies between the application submission and the annual CSS Scientific Conference, the Award may still be given. Candidates must be willing to travel at their own expense to the annual CSS Scientific Conference to accept the Award in person.  

Please take the time to enjoy the biographies and comments from the past recipients of this award.
2006 – Dr. John Kostuik
2005 – Dr. Edward H. Simmons
2004 – Dr. Gordon Armstrong
2003 – Dr. Charles H. Tator
2002 – Dr. W.H. Kirkaldy-Willis

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