Canadian Paediatric Spine Society Symposium

The Operative Management of Scoliosis in Patients with Cerebral Palsy and Other Neuromuscular Disorders, Conventional and Innovative Approaches.

Key learning objectives: 

  •  To discuss operative indications for patients with “neuromuscular scoliosis” with a focus on health related quality of life
  •  To discuss innovative strategies to mitigate short and long term peri-operative complications
  •  To discuss the short and long term implications of different management approaches on transition of care from paediatric to adult specialists.

Schedule Monday February 15th 6h30 PT / 17h30 MT / 19h30:00 ET / 20:30 AT – Length: 1h00

February 15 7:30:00 PM Moderator – Dr. Reinhard Zeller
February 15 7:32:00 PM Dr. John Lonstein
February 15 7:52:00 AM Dr. Unni Narayanan
February 15 8:12:00 AM Dr. Michael Johnson
February 15 8:32:00 PM Dr. Steve Lewis
February 15 8:35:00 PM Moderator – Dr. Reinhard Zeller

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